5 natural combinations for the care of your hair

5 natural combinations for the care of your hair

The tendency of natural care is part of the women’s day, eat healthy, exercise and especially look good, are habits or routines of many women. Vitamins and nutrients that have been identified for decades to make contributions to health and beauty, today become to impose in the hair care and recover the value they deserve.

A damaged hair, dull and without force is, generally, the result of continuous exposure to external factors such as high temperatures and the environment; However, the secret of a healthy hair is to have a protected, neat and healthy, hair fiber from the inside.

In this article we’ll what are 5 combinations of natural ingredients and vitamins that will give you amazing benefits to show off healthy hair and that you must ensure are present in your routine care:

  • If you need hydration, softness and shine the key ingredient for you is the liquid silk, a nutrient that enhances its benefits with pro-vitamin B5, also known as panthenol, which provides elasticity, reducing split ends, improves the manageability and prevents dryness.
  • Now, let’s look at the benefits of collagen that strengthens, hydrates and provides thermal protection. Use this ingredient along with vitamin B7 that stimulates growth, minimizes the breakdown and gives a better texture to your hair. 

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  • With pro-vitamin A argan oil, provides nutrition and extraordinary softness to the hair. Considered as liquid gold, argan oil controls frizz, combat weakness and nourishes the capillary fibers. For its part the provitamin A protects you from free radicals and UV rays.
  • We move on to the Biotania, well known for stimulating growth and minimize the rupture, this natural ingredient for the ideal merger is vitamin E, which is an antioxidant that helps to repair the hair.
  • And finally for those women with curls with panthenol almond oil controls and defines the wave longer, gives the elasticity, prevents dryness and reduces split ends.

Back to nature and identify the right ingredients to care for your hair, will take you to an incredible look. It identifies your need, is the perfect combination of vitamins and nutrients, and wears hair that you had dreamed.

Thanks to henkel Colombia and Schwarzkopf for always giving us first hand paraa correctly care for our hair. 


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