5 Steps for Choosing The Right Hair Extensions

5 Steps for Choosing The Right Hair Extensions

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People get hair extensions for all kinds of reasons. Sometimes they’re repairing their look after damage or disease; other times they’re just searching for a fun way to shake up their image. Whatever your own reasons for considering extensions, the good news is that you have a world of options before you. The bad news is that there are so many choices it can be quite overwhelming!

If you’re in the market for hair extensions, here are a few ways to narrow down your search. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it should point you in the right direction at the very least.

1: Know The Look You Want

Are you dreaming of long, silky hair like Lucy Liu? Or would you prefer Jennifer Lawrence’s length with Lorde’s crazy curls? You don’t have to model yourself after a celebrity specifically, but having pictures of some kind will help when you’re actually in the shop.

2: Match Your Textures

It goes without saying that wavy extensions will look terrible with natural ringlets, but in addition to hair type, you should think about the thickness and coarseness of the strands, too. The ideal extensions will look and feel just like your natural hair.

3: Research Your Brands

Different companies specialize in different kinds of hair extensions, and availability often depends on the brand. For example, Hairtensity is made of synthetic fibers and can be found at most salons and wig shops. REMY is made of real human hair, so it’s rarer, though you can find REMY hair extensions here.

4: Look At Color In Every Light

Most locks undergo subtle changes depending on the light. Brown hair may have red highlights in the sun; light blonde can seem almost white. Unless you want your head to be two-toned on a bright summer day, examine your extensions in all kinds of natural and artificial light.

5: Double-Check Who You’re Buying

Before you give any retailer your money, make sure they’re a reputable business with high-quality products. Read their reviews to see how customers have rated them, and pay particular attention to any mentions of long-term extension use. If their products break after two weeks, that’s something you want to know.

When chosen carefully, extensions can be quite indistinguishable from your regular hair. If you’re ready to create a new look, use these five tips as a guide for finding the magical combination of color, texture and style that’s right for you.

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