Bath and Body Works launches its new collection Essentials Oils

Hello girls!

You know that I love and I'm addicted to BBW products, so I can not pass up tell them that there is a new collection available with super rich aromas. 

The essential oils contain the part more nutritious and beneficial plants to high concentration. In addition to delicious and surprising aromas, their multiple properties allow us to use them for multiple objectives, including the care for our skin.

Essential oils are extracted from different parts of the plant (seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers, etc) and contain very powerful properties that can benefit us in many ways, in addition to some delicious aromas. Some are easily removed and others, which are more expensive, require delicate processes and large amounts of the plant to extract a few drops of the essence.

This is why that Bath and Body Works launches its new collection Essentials Oils based on extracts and natural oils, with new flavours such as: Almond & Vanilla, Wildberry, Chamomile, Lavander & Sandalwood & Jasmine & Green Apple.

Essentials Oils collection is characterized by offering an aromatic line, which provides well-being, tranquility and freshness by its delicious combinations. Brings incredible creams and body butters, mits, shower gel and body pumps, among others.

The new Whipped Body Butter envelops the skin within 24 hours of moisturization Shea butter, coconut oil and Vimanimas B, C and E; the Clay Body Scrub is scrub and anti-poisoning with white clay of volcanic minerals and the Body Cream deeply nourishes the skin, hidratandola for more than 24 hours with Aloe, Shea butter and cocoa butter.

4 fragrances which brings the collection Essentials Oils are:

Almond & Vanilla: It is a smooth blend of white Orchid and vanilla absolute and natural oil of almond with an aromatic blend of genuine fragrances.

Wildberry & Chamomile: A cool mix of white ginger, wild blackberries and natural tea oil. Our product is carefully crafted and provides a longer life of the fragrance on the skin.

Lavander & Sandalwood: It is a perfect blend of petals of the magnolia, sandalwood and lavender oil. With an aromatic blend of fragrance. 

Jasmine & Green Apple: It is a perfectly refreshing mixture of Green Apple and Jasmine natural extract. Body butter deeply nourishes more than 24 hours, providing the skin moisture and comfort.

Which of these fragrances you think the richest? If you ask me to me, I'm going out the lavender and sandalwood. 

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