Choose well your Diamond engagement ring

diamond ring

Generally, women have a number of different reasons why they choose a particular style of diamond for their engagement ring. For instance, a woman who wants a little extra sparkle on her engagement ring may choose a halo diamond ring. Of course, she wants the main diamond in her ring to stand out, but she also wants smaller diamonds to surround it. She appreciates having smaller diamonds as a sort of backdrop to the main diamond. She may even opt for a ring with a band in a split shank style to add even more interest to the design. Here are some other reasons why women choose particular styles of diamonds for their engagement rings.

A woman may choose a round solitaire diamond engagement ring because it is a tradition in her family. Perhaps her great grandmother, grandmother and mother all have round solitaire diamond engagement rings. She wants to keep this tradition going. Furthermore, she may admire a round solitaire diamond ring for its own subtle qualities.

diamond ring

Next, some women choose a princess solitaire engagement ring because of its classic style. They may plan to have a wedding ring that coordinates with the traditional look of a princess solitaire engagement ring. It’s important to many women to have an engagement ring that enhances the look of their wedding ring. Sometimes they choose a princess solitaire engagement ring because they want to have a wedding ring featuring several small diamonds set in the band. The two types of rings can complement one another.

The heart-shaped solitaire ring is a favorite among many women. The women who ask for this type of heart-shaped diamond ring appreciate the symbolism of it. They may have a pin or a necklace that includes the same shape. They know that their other pieces of jewelry will coordinate with the heart-shaped diamond.

Finally, some women may opt for a pear-shaped diamond solitaire engagement ring. Sometimes a woman selects this style of engagement ring because she has delicate, thin fingers. The shape and size of this ring and its diamond will look appealing on her delicate finger. Women with smaller, thinner fingers often choose an engagement ring of this type because they don’t want their fingers or hand to be overwhelmed by a diamond or a ring that is too large. One example of a store that has all types of engagement rings is Skydell Design Corp.


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