Everything you need to keep in mind to plan a dream wedding

Everything you need to keep in mind to plan a dream wedding

Girls, if they are in Bogota and they are planning their wedding, this news is for you.

Days of weddings and dreams will live in the Hill Center commercial park with the mounting of a sensory experience that visitors can experience the days 15, 16 and 17 September, between 3:00 p.m. and 9: 00 p.m. They will be three magical days filled with variety of performances, parades, talks and trends, which will also count with the participation and assistance of the actors Alejandro Estrada and Nataly Umaña. “In the Park Hill Centre shopping want to make part of people’s lives and accompany them in their dreams and projects, that have provided an ideal space in which the bride and groom will find everything they need to realize that wedding” they want. We will have all commercial and experiential offer that encourages attendees through the emotion,”, says María Elena Jimeno, the Hill Park Center Shopping Center Manager.

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The programming will feature musical performances by tenors Monte Carlo classic Musical group and Inés Gaviria, Pronovias, Emiro Buitrago and other marks accompanying parades, as well as a show run by Krash “are three wonderful days full of style and” “romanticism, accompanied by lectures and advice from our experts on topics: Wedding Planner, decorators, design greeting cards, jewelry that mark trends, fashion, cuisine and cocktail bar, among others.” said Eliana Montoya Editorial Director of Weddings and dreams.

This will be the complete agenda for the event:

Friday 15:
6:00 Show of tenors Monte Carlo band classic
7:00 fashion show for bride and groom, the actor Alejandro Estrada
7:45 opening show Krash light drums

Saturday 16th:
4:00 Show tenors Monte Carlo classic Musical group
5:00 parade by Pronovias with the participation of the actress Nataly Umaña.
6:00 parade show hair and makeup in charge of Emiro Buitrago
7:00 show Krash
7:45 parade of costumes of brides by designer Clarissa Rosanía
8:30 concert with singer Inés Gaviria

Sunday 17
3:00 Selfiton with Alejandro and Nataly, supporting selfis tendency in the Park Hill for
Love and friendship.
4: 00 show closing Krash and musical group.

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