Pilon dance: dance that adorns the Festival Vallenato

Pilon dance: dance that adorns the Festival Vallenato

50 ° Festival Vallenato opens with the dance of the Piloneras, a tradition that was born with the Valley grandmothers who recited verses to the corn pillar.

The Festival of the Vallenato legend wouldn’t be the same without the traditional piloneras parade, an idea of Consuelo Araujo, who in 1984 pushed to recall, through dance, to those grandmothers in Valledupar that got up early in the morning at pilar the corn. Their traditional dresses and the noise of the pylon soon you were joining to new verses to create rhythms vallenatos.

Consuelo Araújo Noguera, Ambassador par excellence of the vallenato in Colombia and the world, suggested that the Festival of the Vallenato legend had a representative dance and that serve as a gateway to the event, here is where is the dance of the pylon.

Men, women and children representing corn mills now invade streets of Valledupar with colorful, promenades and pujas in the days prior to the festival. Pace prepares the public for the coronation of King vallenato and not allow the traditions of the capital of Cesar to forget.

The characteristic of female attire is a dress, blouse, which is composed of two parts, sleeves blouse called three quarter, stamped with flowers, long waist that ends in a washer, flowers of different sizes, and skirt or skirt, which has three boleros finished in lace or letinos. The baletas is footwear made with canvas and leather flat sole. As the head motif, women usually wear a scarf of flowers like Lily, of the canaguate, Trinity, coral or cayena.3 2

Male dress consists of pants and shirt White, red scarf knotted at the neck of the shirt. Moreover, wear a straw hat and a cross woven backpack half side. Footwear use the baletas, made with canvas and leather flat sole.

Bavaria has accompanied for many years to the vallenato during the Festival of the legend that, as well as the Piloneras dance and the joy that transmit, is one of those #TradicionesQueNosUnen

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