The Funniest Stockings

The Funniest Stockings

Hello Hello Ponquesitos:*

Today I want to talk about a topic that for some may be rare, for others perhaps uninteresting, however for me is something that I love, not only because of the variety but because for me is a means of expression, it is the stockings or socks. 

I think only my husband knows this fact about me and I love the averages especially those that come with unconventional designs, regardless of the brand or material, to my what I love is to have them and use them according to my mood , I am not using the same white, black, grey or blue Turkey of always, for me they are a statement and clarified I have no pairs (some have “eaten” the washing machine) but I totally identify with those I have.

The designs can go from simple polka dots, stripes, vibrant colors to fruit designs, food, characters and even phrases, you can find one for every occasion or as in my case one that goes according to your feeling every day. 

While browsing the internet looking for some models, simply because yes, I found some of my taste that I want to share with you because the good thing that you like something is to be able to transmit to others, so without further ado, here are: 

To show the love of food and trinkets:

For the comics fans:

For those who love unicorns:

Do you like kittens?:

What do you think? Are they great? I can not stop contemplating them, I will soon make a purchase of new socks of this style so I’ll show:).

Thanks for reading, 


Image Funny Socks by Shutterstock

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