Looking for a flawless look? : Airbrush foundation

Looking for a flawless look? : Airbrush foundation

Movie and television stars and many popular singers achieve a flawless look on stage. Although these stars employ makeup artists to help them look great, you can get the same look without much effort, simply by using airbrush foundation. Instead of spending thousands of dollars and paying a professional every time you want to look your best, Temptu’s system gives you the same results for a fraction of the cost.


There’s no guesswork when applying AIRpod Foundation as it delivers a seamless and even blend of makeup. A convenient dial on the applicator allow you to control just how much makeup you want, from sheer, minimal application, to full coverage. You can even change application speed for different parts of your face and body to achieve a customized look. Twelve different shades are available, ranging from porcelain for very light skin, to espresso for darker tones. Color-correcting pigments in each makeup container hep diffuse imperfections, while special technology allows for maximum coverage, yet giving you a lightweight feel on your skin. What’s great is this formula is great for all skin types as it is oil-free, non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic.

What is also great is your makeup will last all day. There’s no need for touch-ups. To complete your look, use AIRpod Blush, also available in a variety of colors and AIRpod concealer, to eliminate dark circles and other heavy discolorations.

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