¿Looking for a not so expensive weeding? here are some tips

¿Looking for a not so expensive weeding? here are some tips

Even the more conservative weddings can be quite costly, but with some careful planning and a bit of creativity and determination in getting what you both need and want at a lower cost, you can certainly significantly lower the total cost of your wedding. Getting the best bang for your buck is a priority for many people, even couples who want to plan a beautiful and memorable wedding. Fortunately, having a wedding that is both beautiful and friendly to your budget is entirely feasible.

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First, pick a date that is during the off-seasons. Go for a wedding date that falls on a Sunday or a weekday in November, January, or February in order to get lower costs on venues and catering. You may find that add-on services like professional photography and a live band or DJ will also be cheaper, since they are not in as high of a demand during this time of the year. Learn more about picking a wedding date during the “off” season.

Do for yourself what you might otherwise consider hiring people to do: from hair to makeup to ironing your gown and arranging flowers, there’s no need to pay for another person to handle these tasks when you have two perfectly functioning hands. Likewise, tap into family and friends who may be willing to help out free of charge. And in addition to looking for pro-bono work, see if there are any photography students or practicing bands who wouldn’t mind the opportunity to showcase their skills and build their portfolios at a lower cost.

Skip the printing of beautifully embossed invitations and make them yourself. With some lace, vellum, glitter, and a basic calligraphy pen set, you’ll be well on your way to creating gorgeous invitations that cost a fraction of what professionally-printed ones are priced at. Browse sites like Pinterest and YouTube for inspiration and instructions.

If there are any cooks in your family, consider skipping catering altogether and make the spread of food a homegrown affair. And when it comes to drinks, opt for beer and wine, which are drastically cheaper than pricey liquors.

Finally, shop at consignment shops and thrift stores for everything from vases to hairpieces to wedding dresses. You never know what cheaply-priced spectacular finds you may come across!

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