Makeup in red and gold

Makeup in red and gold

Hello girls!

Long time not shared with you a makeup video, so I took advantage of that I bought a sombritas from a Colombian brand of which I like very much your pigmentation and I decided to re-record a makeup with a conventional zero, red color. 

Products I used were as follows:

Pore Filler – NYX
Contour Palette for sculpting and Contouring – Samy Cosmeticos
Shadow Magic – Mirely Makeup (Color: Roses)
Shadow Magic – Mirely Makeup (Color: Gold)
Liquid eyeliner, tip down – Natura
Orange concealer with sunscreen and vitamin E – Mirely Makeup
Basis of infallible Pro Glow – Loreal makeup (Color: 210)
Corrector HD Pro Conceal – l-a Girl (colour: yellow)
Blush – cosmetic Raquel (Color: Coralino)
Lip pencil – Mirely Makeup (Color: Cabernet)

You can see the step by step makeup in the following video:

This makeup tips:

  • You can use white or clear base to enhance the colors, if you don’t have some shadows that pigmenten much as these. 
  • The use of Correctors depends entirely on your needs correction, I use the Orange by dark spots on my face that I have
  • If you prefer a not-so-flashy lipstick, opt for colors nude according to your skin tone. 

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