Practical advice for your holiday on the beach

Others are never simple for vacation tips so here I leave some tips that you can keep in mind to always look beautiful at the beach…

Exfoliate your skin before apply you suntan lotion.
The Tanner acts only on the superficial skin layer, so much less dead cells have, more uniform color. Thanks to exfoliation, your skin will be smooth and crisp, the Tan will be more uniform and harmonious.

Never forget the sunscreen.
always carry a solar protecetor for face and body, at least an SPF 15; If your skin is very clear a 30 for the body and for the face 50 will be fine. Apply every two hours and after each bath.

Pestanina waterproof.
You must wear a mask of water-proof tabs. Because otherwise you will become a raccoon at the same time that a drop of water (or sweat) reaches your eyes. If you are not adept at waterproof masks, we recommend that you avoid the mask when you're at the beach or pool.

Take care of your hair.
Always enguaja your hair after going to the beach, remember that the Sun and the salt can be finished with, use headbands and scarves, they are very convenient to go to the beach, pick up the hair and prevent tangling by the wind.

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