SkinCeuticals announces its partnership with International resurfaces

SkinCeuticals born from science, is rooted in the belief that knowledge is power and is committed to the doctors in the field of health and beauty of the skin. Through its new partnership with resurfaces International brand announces an initiative to make women pioneer in reconstructive surgery, training them technically, orienting them professionally and developing the leadership of the first generation of surgeons, with the purpose of increasing access to Reconstructive Surgical care in areas of the world.

For those who live in developing countries and suffer injuries from burns or congenital conditions, a change in their appearance can transform their lives, allowing them to fully participate in their communities, attend school or provide for their families. For these people, the reconstructive plastic surgery is transformative on many levels; However, 5,000 million people around the world lack access to safe and timely surgical care. SkinCeuticals considered that equality in medical training is essential to meet this need. To this day, in low income countries, there are only three surgeons for each million inhabitants, often due to a lack of equal access to a significant technical training or obstacles to obtain recognition in their field of specialization. SkinCeuticals and reemerges International aim to redress this imbalance.

Resurgence International was founded in 1969 and since its inception it has provided more than 100,000 reconstructive surgeries for patients in developing countries. In 2014 was presented Global training and academic faculty of resurfaces International program. The program is led by Dr. James Chang, who serves as the director of medical consulting resurfaces International and Chief of plastic and reconstructive surgery at Stanford University. The Global training program adopts the philosophy of "teach to fish", working alongside medical professors to educate and empower local surgeons on reconstructive care.

Through visiting educators, leadership training programs, support of mentoring and funding for supplies, the Pioneering Women initiative in Reconstructive Surgery will help the surgeons to increase their knowledge and, as a result, to provide Reconstructive Surgical care within their communities networks. The first year of the partnership will focus on five promising Surgeons: Dr. Faith Chengetayi Muchemwa, Zimbabwe; Dr. CELMA Marina Teles Issufo, from Mozambique; Dr. Shilu Shrestha, of Nepal; Dr. Lorena Escudero Castro, of Ecuador and Dr. Farzana Bilquis Ibrahim of Bangladesh. 

Dr. Chang, director of the program, said, "these women are not only learning surgical techniques, but also to navigate in a field dominated by men, with a curriculum specialized in reconstructive surgery and career advancement through our partnership with SkinCeuticals." A generation ago something similar happened in us. UU. and, today, more than half of those studying medicine are women. In my chair in the University of Stanford, 18 professors, 8 are women. As a father of three daughters, for me it is a fundamental issue. We'd advise and empower these surgeons pioneers for future generations".

Leslie Harris, global general manager, SkinCeuticals, added, "currently, Reconstructive Surgical care is out of reach of two-thirds of the population. If we want to change that statistic, we need to change the number of surgeons in low-income countries that often face unique barriers to enter that field. This mission is an evolution of the commitment of our scientific founder, Dr. Sheldon Pinnell, the medical community and the spirit of philanthropy. We are honored to partner resurfaces international face to the years to come".

If you want more information about the objectives of the program, log on to SkinCeuticals will facilitate the participation of its community through social exchange, the development of awareness and easy access to the portals of donation.

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