The true about Facial toners

The true about Facial toners

Some dermatologists say that is a waste of time and money, while others suggest it is an optional step and certainly not necessary for healthy skin, estheticians who provide facial maintenance services to many skin types every day, is that a facial toner is absolutely, if not the, most important step of a beauty routine.

So, who is right? Perhaps taking a closer look at some of the reported benefits of a facial toner can help one decide whether or not it is important for their skin…

In days gone by, facial toners were reserved for strictly the oiliest of skin types and were often based on seriously moisture-stripping ingredients, like alcohol.

Today, however, the benefits of a facial toner can be enjoyed by almost all skin types due many far more gentle formulations now available. In fact, more often than not, facial toners are now formulated with a wonderful array of gently astringent herbs, antioxidants, anti-irritants and/or ingredients to complement the other steps in one’s skin care routine.

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In the opinion of many estheticians a well formulated, alcohol-free, pH correct organic facial toner or floral water can help promote balance and optimal skin function by offering the following benefits:

Removes final traces of cleanser, make-up, excess oil and chemicals from tap water.

Reduces the look of pores.

Hydrates skin and may reduce oil output.

Helps set make-up (especially mineral make-up).

Cools, refreshes and soothes skin.

So once they say there is no doubt how good the facial toners are..

Have you ever buy one?



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