Tips for a perfect BBQ.

Tips for a perfect BBQ.

There is nothing more delicious than being a weekend with family and friends to share all together and eat delicious dishes, so that’s why I inspired to bring you some basic tips to have a perfect BBQ and stay as the kings of the house. 

Calculate the amount of meat:

Knowing how to calculate the amount of meat needed for a barbecue is an important task to avoid doing more or less and that diners are hungry. Keep in mind the following portion sizes and multiply them by the number of guests. 

  • 450 gr of meat per man.
  • 300 gr of meat per woman.
  • 150 g of meat per child.

Preparing the meat: 

In a barbecue you can have meat, chicken, sausages, chorizo and anything else you can think of, to give a rich taste to both the res and Pollom choose to marinate at least 2 hours before taking them to the grill, I share a couple of options that you can use when Like. 

Marinated chicken:

Blonde beer, chopped ginger, chopped garlic, olive oil, mustard and tomato sauce (I use constancy, are the ones that for me have better taste), honey, paprika and sugar (you can omit it or replace by stevia), mix all the ingredients to taste and leave the chicken in This sauce until the moment of roasting. They can also make a reduction of this so you can pincelarlo every time you turn it around. 

Marinated for meat:

White vinegar (2 tablespoons), water, chopped garlic, chopped parsley, oregano, ground chili pepper (do not put much because you do not know how much you like the hot your guests), laurel powder, a pinch of sugar, salt and pepper to taste, olive oil (the amount you consider)

Prepare the Grill: 

Before placing meat on grill, make sure it is clean and does not have previous roasting residue.  Take your time and be patient to light the embers. Stack the coal to the center with the smaller pieces down and the larger ones up, light from below. Do not use shortcuts such as alcohol, wax, paraffin or other fuels, as the final flavor of the meat will pay the consequences.

Blow the embers to burn completely, we use the lid of a pot jajajaja, as soon as they are all red hot, separates the carbon evenly inside the grill and allows the intensity of heat to lower, you want to cook with fire, only the heat Qu And they generate the embers.

Roasting the meat:

Meats and Chorizos, as well as offal must be at room temperature; If they are frozen or semi-frozen they may become raw inside.
Each meat cut has different cooking time. If it is rib it is put with the bone on the side of the embers and will not be turned until almost the end only to brown and it needs an hour or hour and a half to be ready, the thin cuts are put on the thicker side towards the embers.

Try not to move the meat, so you will have those marks on the grill that both distinguishes a good grill. 

For the chicken, broil 30 minutes and turn every 4 minutes brushing with the reduced marinade so that it is not dry. 

Thanks to the constancy and #MaestrosDelBbqLaConstancia to inspire me to write this post and share with you these simple tips:)

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